Learning and Training Learning

Exmacon is a successful provider of training services in the field of IT, banking and finance. Our training courses are focused on providing practical assistance to specialists dealing with:
  • the business analysis, data analysis, and preparation of technical specifications for developers
  • the implementation and development of .Net applications 
  • the data integration on the basis of IBM InfoSphere Information Server product range
  • data warehouse modelling using IBM Banking DataWarehouse 
  • the implementation of a Management Information System (MIS) based on IBM Cognos BI, SAP Business Objects, QlikView
  • the management of assets and liabilities in banks
  • the development of a financial accounting and reporting system
  • the management accounting and risk-based profitability assessment
  • the strategic planning
  • the organization of sales in banks.
Exmacon offers corporate training as a value-added service in data warehouse implementation and bank restructuring projects. Together with the Banking University of the National Bank of Ukraine, Exmacon is training IT and finance specialists for Ukraine’s banking sector. 
Together with our Austrian counterpart, Fachhochschule des BFI Wien, we are going to offer corporate curricula for bankers and IT specialists of CIS countries in the following areas in 2015 to 2016:
  • Banking and Finance
  • IT Project Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Today, Exmacon offers training courses in the following areas:

Assets & Liabilities Management

Structural Gaps, Transfer Pricing

Assets and liabilities management is one of the key bank management processes. Many banks are facing the issue of improving efficiency of the management of assets and liabilities in a situation of intensified competition and dropping profitability of major banking products. This course would be appropriate for managers and specialists of Treasuries, risk management, liquidity management units, ALCO support groups, and asset and liability management units.


Management Information System

From Strategy to IT Architecture

During this two-day training course, the participants will familiarize themselves with the structure of management reporting (Management Information System (MIS)), understand the importance of the development of a bank’s business architecture, and realize its influence on IT architecture and reporting.  Training participants will be issued a package of executive management reports, and provided with information about approaches toward the formulation of MIS business requirements and the organization of a MIS project (unit) in a bank.