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The reporting system is the most important source of information for making management decisions. The decision making by the bank management depends a lot on its organization. We offer our customers a comprehensive Management Information System comprising the following sections:
  • Management Board Reports
  • Business Commercial Reports
  • Profitability Management Reports
  • Risk Management Reports
  • Financial Reporting
  • Ad hoc Reports for Analysts

Management Board Reports

The Management Board reports contain information aggregated as much as possible in a highly graphic format. These reports make it possible to control efficiently key performance indicators and concentrate attention on the attainment of strategic indicators of a bank and the development trends at a glance.
Exmacon often uses dashboards based on a “traffic light principle” to build management board reports. Such reports allow for the easy visualization of the necessary information and attract attention of the management to the major deviations from targets.

Business Commercial Reports

Commercial reports are developed for managers of business units responsible for sales and revenues from specific customers, customer segments, products and sales channels. Exmacon offers the following standard commercial performance reports:
  • Customer Transaction Report
  • Lending Business Volume Report
  • Deposit Business Volume Report
  • Interest Rate Income Report
  • Commission Income Report
Business segments, products and units are the key dimensions, in which a bank’s performance results are generated and presented. Reports make it possible to drill data down to the level of a customer with his or her contracts and accounts. In addition, the reports are focused on the analysis of financial and quantitative indicators. They contain information about key performance indicators of a bank.
Within the scope of its strategic consultancy services, Exmacon is ready to help banks to design and develop dashboards and standard reports for the monitoring of balanced scorecard indicators of a bank.

Management Reports

Management reporting is supposed to provide information about the profitability of units of a bank, its business segments, products and customers. Transfer pricing and cost allocation methodologies underlie the profitability management reports.
However, banking business needs to take into account not only the income, but also the risk inherent in a particular product, line of business or customer. It is for this reason that methodologies of statistical and probabilistic assessments of expected and unexpected losses from credit, market and operational risks are applied to design profitability management reports. The expected losses are covered with provisions, while unexpected losses are covered with the economic capital.
Exmacon offers consultancy assistance in designing a model of assessment of the expected/unexpected losses on the basis of data of a particular bank, and help with designing a transfer pricing model and a cost allocation model. In addition, Exmacon provides an off-she-shelf suite of management report templates adaptable in the course of a project to meet the needs of a particular bank, including the following reporting set taking into account the transfer pricing calculations:
  • Operation Segments’ Performance
  • Branch Performance
  • Customer Performance
  • Transfer Rates Calculation

Risk Management


The risk management reports are supposed to let a bank’s specialists to analyze and manage credit, market and operational risks. For this reason, Exmacon has developed and is offering its customers standard reports in the field of management of portfolio credit risks, and the management of assets and liabilities.
Exmacon offers the following off-the-shelf risk management report templates:
  • Account Balance Dynamic
  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Liquidity Gap Analysis
  • Interest Rate Gap
  • Interest Rate Yield Curve Analysis
  • Credit Portfolio Concentration Analysis
  • Deposit Portfolio Concentration Analysis
  • Interbank Operations Analysis
  • Analysis of Financials of Top Customers
The credit and deposit portfolio concentration reports offer view of the structure of a bank’s assets and liabilities broken down by sector of economy, problem assets and currencies. The possibility of detailing to the level of a customer, a contract, a credit line tranche or an account makes gives an opportunity for a profound and detailed analysis of volumes and rates in line with the above breakdowns. The yield curve report makes it possible to analyze and manage the basic interest-rate risk efficiently. The cash flow forecast allows analyzing cash outflows and inflows by maturity and currency in order to efficiently plan for the coverage and manage liquidity.

Financial Reports


The Financial Reports section offers information about the financial condition and performance results of a bank.
Exmacon has developed and is offering its customers the following standard report templates:
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Overheads Analysis
The balance sheet and the income statement contain information about assets and liabilities, as well as about financial performance results of a bank broken down by currency and bank offices for a period, over several periods, and as at a specific date.
Reports are detailed to a personal account level, and make it possible to compare results of the specified reporting periods.

Ad Hoc Reports

The ad hoc reports are intended for the profound data analysis, whenever regular reports do not offer sufficiently complete information. Ad Hoc reports make it possible for users to create specific customized queries using a convenient graphic interface of the BI reporting system. System users can easily create, print out, save, export, publish and share their reports with colleagues.
Exmacon offers advice and assistance with the development of architecture and metadata for the design of ad hoc reports in Query and Analysis Studio in Cognos BI.