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Exmacon offers banks from the CIS, Central and Eastern Europe a customized model of a banking data warehouse developed on the basis of the IBM Banking DataWarehouse solution. All the principal advantages of IBM Banking DataWarehouse solution have been preserved. The logical data model for CIS banks also contains two data areas:
  • A system of records (Atomic Model)
  • A data marts (Dimensional Model)
However, the customized IBM BDW-based data model for CIS banks incorporates specific features of their source data structures. It is a specific feature of core banking systems on these markets that they are mainly General Ledger solutions relying on an account (Accounting Structure Item) with a number of additional parameters used to analyze customers and products, rather than on an Arrangement as a key entity.
An Account and an Arrangement are linked to each other in the model via the Accounting Unit, a special entity making it possible to store information about balances and transactions using any accounting method (IFRS, NAS, GAAP). However, the Accounts that cannot be linked to an Arrangement because of the lack of relevant links in the core banking system are directly linked to other key entities of the model (Product, Involved Party).
Furthermore, the IBM BDW data mart model in its customized form has been radically modified to take account of specific features of the financial and regulatory reporting of CIS banks.
Exmacon’s experience in customizing IBM BDW data model will help CIS banks to reduce the time input and budgets for the establishment of a unified data storage, analysis and management system. The model makes it possible to tackle infrastructure development and data storage issues in a situation of the growing information requirements within the framework of a single plan, including the design of not only financial and management reports, but also risk management, marketing and CRM reports.