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Exmacon offers a broad range of consultancy services and outsource software development in the field of the implementation of data warehouses, management information systems, technical and analytical applications for the banking sector.

EMC Data Warehouse

We offer banks the IBM Banking Data Warehouse (IBM BDW) banking data model as the base for their data warehouses. Moreover, Exmacon offers banks from the CIS, Central and Eastern Europe a customized model of a banking data warehouse developed on the basis of the IBM BDW solution. The IBM BDW data mode is a proven, flexible and easily scalable tool making it possible to solve current and future data consolidation problems by making use of off-the-shelf components for the banking sector. Such a model helps a bank to create a unified data storage, analysis and data governance system.


EMC Technical Applications

The control system is intended for the management of the complete lifecycle of a data warehouse, and is a single center for running and monitoring all processes of data processing in a warehouse. This is the main tool for a data warehouse operator used to manage and control the operation of a corporate data warehouse. The control system has three-tier architecture with a number of optional modules.