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ETL Architecture and development based on IBM InfoSphere DataStage & QualityStage at Raiffeisenbank

Implementation of IBM InfoSphere QualityStage for solving an MDM (Master Data Management) task for building a single cross-system master record of a customer based on three source systems with the total data volume to the tune of 10 million customer records. An automated system was implemented for data analysis, standardization and enrichment of core customer data including address and contact data. Design and development of the analytical applications and data replication process at the data warehouse for:
  • Financial Monitoring
  • Collateral Management
  • Bad Debt Management
  • Basel II Applications
Data quality management and rectification of source data errors for the collateral management application to meet Basel 2 challenges. Personnel hiring, ETL training and team building.
The main economic benefit for the bank was:
  • Reduction of costs for mail correspondence with customers
  • Increased efficiency of contact with the customer as part of the CRM companies
Reduce the risk of fraud and the introduction of false information about clients