A data warehouse makes it possible to tackle the issue of consolidating, cleaning, processing and storing large volumes of data. However, banks also need to analyse their performance, make additional calculations, carry out stress tests and develop forecasts for management accounting, risk management, marketing and customer relations tasks. This is why Exmacon has proposed for banks an outsource development of analytical financial applications:
  • General Ledger Module
  • Transfer Pricing Module
  • Cost Allocation Module
  • Provisioning IAS 39
  • Competitor Analysis Module
Our team has been developed such applications for banks in CIS markets taking into account their data structures. However, we are ready to develop an application suite from scratch on outsourcing basis to meet specific requirements of banks in other countries taking in to account specific data structures and challenges faced by banks, and their methodologies.
The issues of managing reference tables need to be solved in any data warehouse implementation project, because reference tables are the core of a data warehouse. The lack of proper control over the maintenance of reference tables can suspend the operation of the ETL process, introduce errors into the calculation and data mart building processes, and reports. For this reason, we advocate the management of reference tables via a dedicated web application, when dealing with our data warehouse implementation clients. 
Exmacon offers its Technical Applications software solution for banks. This solution enables them not only to manage reference tables, but also to control the warehouse loading process, generate samples, auto-tests and web-services for the warehouse integration with other applications. Data warehouse technical applications also make it possible to maintain and administer reference, business rules, and mapping tables. Data warehouse technical applications include the following modules:
  • Monitor module
  • Process Designer module
  • Reference Tables module
  • Samples module
  • Events module
  • Web Services module
  • Data Mart Map module
  • Process Statistics module
  • Skeleton Control module
  • Data Check module
  • Administration module
Our solution has been tested in data warehouse implementation projects in banks of CIS countries. Purchase of an off-the-shelf solution would enable banks to reduce lead time for the development and implementation of the reference book management system and the data warehouse operation monitoring system.