A centralized Management Information System makes it possible:
  • to create the Single Version of Truth for the comprehensive analysis of the business performance
  • to develop new reports promptly
  • to develop forecasts, run stress tests using historical data
  • to save on costs and scale up the data storage and processing system
  • to make sure that the information is accessible by all bank users.
 For CIS banks, we developed the following suite of off-the-shelf reports based on IBM Cognos BI product range:
  • control panels (Dashboards) for the bank management 
  • commercial reports of business lines (corporate, retail, treasury)
  • financial statements (balance sheet, income statement)
  • management reports (customer, segment, product and channel profitability on the basis of a transfer-pricing model)
  • risk management reports (to deal with credit, market and operational risks)
  • ad hoc reports for analysts.
We suggest that our customers use IBM Cognos BI and IBM Cognos TM1 products to develop analytical reports and build a Management Information System (MIS) from scratch. 
However, we often develop reports for our customers using the BI tools that can be properly integrated into the existing IT landscape (SAP Business Objects, QlikView, etc.), while dealing with the existing IT architecture, software and human resources.