Exmacon is a full-service data warehouse implementation contractor for the banking sector. We rely on IBM Banking Data Warehouse (IBM BDW) and IBM Information Data Architect (IBM IDA) as well as IBM InfoSphere tools to develop Banking Data Warehouses. We customized IBM BDW model for CIS banks based on the typical source data structure for this market.
Exmacon service within the scope of a data warehouse implementation project includes IT consulting and IT development services such as:
  • Project organization and management
  • Development environment and technical support
  • Business requirements and reports analysis
  • Data analysis at source
  • Logical design of the System of Records (SOR) and Dimensional Model (DM)
  • Data mapping (sources data to SOR and DM)
  • Design of the data upload architecture, ETL and BI architecture
  • Development of technical specs and references
  • Development of ETL procedures (SOR upload and DM)
  • Development or integration of analytical and technical warehouse applications
  • Development of BI reports
  • Optimization of data warehouse databases and reports
  • Testing, implementation and user training
  • Data Governance, management of meta-data and business terms
Before the project Exmacon offers the diagnostics to undertake a preliminary assessment of the bank's readiness for the introduction of a state-of-the-art Management Information System (MIS) and Data Warehouse (DW).
The diagnostics includes:
  • the assessment of the Bank's business strategy
  • the assessment of the IT infrastructure underlying the generation of reports for the business strategy monitoring
  • the assessment of reporting needs in the fields of product, segment and sales channel management; management accounting, risk management and IFRS; the assessment of the management accounting, risk management and IFRS methodologies from the point of view of the generation of the required reports for the management;
The diagnostic is usually required up to 30 man-days depending on a bank size, and will be completed within 4-7 weeks. The principal stages of the diagnostics are as follows:
  • Documentation Analysis and Interviews: documentation analysis, questioners filling in, the identification of key stakeholders
  • Workshop: the establishment of contacts, interviews with potential project participants; meetings with top management of the bank; the identification of the project priorities within workshop
  • Recommendations: the project management, the project scope and duration, the assessment of the impact on the bank's technical architecture
  • Presentation: the development of the project roadmap; the project presentation to the Management Board