About Exmacon Beratung

  • IT Consultant, Exmacon Beratung GmbH
  • Consultant and practitioner in the field of the implementation of Business Intelligence and IBM BDW data model in charge of the transfer of best practises in the field of information, data processing, management of data exchange processes in data warehouse and analytical application development projects for a global customer base.
  • More than 30 years of work experience in the field of data warehouse modelling, including the position of the Chief Consultant in the IBM lab in the team developing the data model for an IBM BDW banking data warehouse in Dublin (IBM Industry Assets & Models)
  • Unique combination of practical experience in implementing the IBM BDW model in large international financial institutions (banks and insurance companies in the USA, Europe and Asia)
  • A renowned leader and a practising expert in the field of data warehouses and business analytics in various sectors
  • Consultancy experience in the field of building IT systems for the analysis of credit and market risks; quantitative data analysis for the purposes of implementation of Basel II and Solvency II; customer, product, business profitability; payment processing solutions for banks, insurance companies, financial markets, transportation, oil and gas companies
  • Development of the data architecture, Relational & Dimensional data models, data modelling and design, source-to-target data mapping, specs development, ETL architecture, testing strategy, testing and restoration support, transfer of skills and knowledge to implementation teams, post-implementation support
  • Combination of the business knowledge, awareness of the operating environment of banks, and the management of the development of analytical applications in banks make Eugene a core resource for fundamental projects in the field of the implementation of data warehouses worldwide.
  • Recently, he initiated several BI projects relying on Agile methodology in the field of the development of applications for financial markets. He created several scenarios supporting the end-to-end Agile development.
Mary O’Shea, Business Development Manager IBM Industry Models, Industry Models Group, IBM Software Group,
 e-mail: osheam@ie.ibm.com  +35 318 151 490