About Exmacon Beratung

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision:
Sustainable world and safe planet for future generations where complete, objective and timely information is available to balance individual, social and business interests
Our Mission:
Implementation of modern management information systems in banking industry to provide stakeholders with complete, objective and timely information for sustainable business development and added value creation as well as for human capital strengthening during implementation projects.
Our core values are:
  • Innovations and change management
  • Common sense and practical experience
  • Trust and respect to our customers, partners and employees
  • Flexible reaction to changes and co-operation with customers
  • Professional development and adequate remuneration of each team member
Based on our values we offer optimal solutions tailored to an organization’s size, its business processes, information technologies, human and financial capital.
Our competitive advantage is a top-notch IT and consultancy services at an acceptable price and within optimal time frames. Members of our team have acquired considerable practical experience in implementing complex information systems at European and CIS financial markets:
  • Data Warehouses (DWH)
  • Management Information System (MIS)
  • Financial Applications (FA)
  • Technical Applications (TA)
  • Software development on an outsourcing basis
We pay great attention to the professional and personal development of our employees and employees of our customers, as this directly affects the success, sustainability and profitability of the business. That is why one of the important directions of our activity is to conduct professional training in the field of bank management and IT, as well as in the field of personal development of the individual.

Irina Romanenko
Senior business consultant, Director Exmacon Beratung, CIS representative

Consultancy for owners and management boards of banks; Project Manager of an IBM BDW implementation project more

Karina Volkova
Data Warehouse Modeller, Senior Business Analyst

Business analysis and data warehouse modelling: System of Records (SOR) and Dimensional Model (DM) IBM BDW more